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The Enslaved Laborer Settlement at Trents Plantation, Barbados: 1640s-1834 (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Douglas Armstrong.

Trents Plantation, Barbados has provided a wealth of new information on early plantation life in Barbados.  In 2013 I reported on the recovery of the early settlement at Trents Plantation and briefly mentioned the identification of an enslaved laborer settlement on the plantation.  This paper focuses on findings related to the enslaved laborer community that was established on the property beginning in the late 1640s.  The site was occupied trough the period of slavery and abandoned upon...

Estate Bellevue: Archaeology of an Eighteenth Century Cotton Estate, St. Jan, Danish West Indies (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Alan Armstrong.

This study examines cotton in the Caribbean through the examination of Estate Bellevue.  This site was an eighteenth century cotton plantation on St. Jan (St. John) in the former Danish West Indies.  It examines a well preserved cotton plantation for which the ruins of the small mansion house, outbuildings, cotton magazine/storehouse, cotton ginning platform, agricultural terraces, and platforms of enslaved laborer houses all survive.  Key elements of the site remain intact and artifacts...

Power, Place, and Movement: Local Networks and the Movement of Enslaved Laborers between Coffee and Sugar Estates in Dominica (2020)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Kristen R. Fellows. James A. Delle.

This is a paper/report submission presented at the 2020 annual meeting of the Society for Historical Archaeology. In the summer of 2011, preliminary archaeological and archival research took place at what was thought to be “Valley Estate,” a coffee plantation in Dominica. This paper will provide an introduction to Cottage Estate and the archaeological work that was completed in 2011, and will discuss noteworthy archival findings about internal social and economic networks in Dominica. In...