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A Look At Violence In A Western Mining District (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Robert McQueen.

Mining districts are inherently violent places. Deaths, accidents, and injuries are topics that appear liberally in historic literature; period newspapers almost gleefully reported on deaths caused by accidents and foul play. Suicide, however, was a form of death often accompanied by stigma, and frequently reported with overtones of pity. Rarely does violence manifest itself in the archaeological record. This paper discusses the unexpected discovery of a Depression-era suicide in a central...

To Animate the Monster: Public Archaeology of Capitalism (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only LouAnn Wurst.

Metaphors connecting capitalism and the phantasmagorical have always been rampant. References to the ghostly and ghastly point to the contradiction that capitalism is equally pervasive and invisible or, at least, elided. While all aspects of the monstrous have become important narrative tropes in the modern world, we seldom use this same discourse to name capitalism as a monstrous system. And yet, the ghosts are restless; capitalism as a system has created a ‘nightmare world’ where the products...