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The Community of Chase Home: Institutional and Material Components of Children’s Lived Spaces in Victorian Portsmouth (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Katherine Evans.

The Chase Home for Children opened in 1883, housed in an immigrant-rich neighborhood of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The Home accepted children, "without distinction of race, creed, or color*" who needed temporary or long-term care and housing. Chase Home was guided by tenants of the Progressive Era and supported solely by the local community, at a time before state welfare was available. In contrast to single religious denomination orphanages typical in Victorian America, or strict reformatory...

The Fresh Air Association House of St. John the Divine Historic and Archaeological District (the Fresh Air District), Tomkins Cove, New York (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Jenifer C. Elam. RPA.

Tomkins Cove, a scenic, mountain-side community an hour’s drive north of New York City, was the setting of the House of the Good Shepherd orphanage (1865–1893) established and directed by Reverend Ebenezer Gay Jr. under the supervision of the Episcopal Diocese of New York. The orphanage and the later Fresh Air institutions (1894–1973) that occupied the same property on the west bank of the Hudson River relied on small monetary and other donations from the public to carry out their activities....

"A Monumental Blunder": The Challenging History and Uncertain Future of the Virginia State Penitentiary Collection (2019)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Ellen Chapman. Elizabeth Cook. Ana F. Edwards.

This is an abstract from the "Urban Erasures and Contested Memorial Assemblages" session, at the 2019 annual meeting of the Society for Historical Archaeology. The Virginia State Penitentiary (1804-1991) loomed over the Falls of the James River and was a feared site of solitary confinement, carceral labor, and capital punishment. Designed by Benjamin Latrobe, the penitentiary was notorious for its inhumane treatment and poor management in the nineteenth and twentieth century. Fieldwork in...