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Recent Analyses of the Faunal Assemblage from the Submerged Cave Site of Hoyo Negro: Implications for Late Pleistocene Human Ecology Research on the Yucatan Peninsula (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Dominique Rissolo. James C. Chatters. Joaquin Arroyo-Cabrales. Alberto E Nava Blank. Blaine Schubert. H. Gregory McDonald. Pilar Luna Erreguerena.

In addition to a nearly complete human skeleton dating to the Late Pleistocene, the submerged cave site of Hoyo Negro contains a diverse and well preserved assemblage of extinct and extant fauna from the Yucatan Peninsula. Recent and on-going investigations have focused on the documentation, sampling, and partial recovery of select specimens for description and analysis. Of particular interest are bears of the genus Tremarctos, a yet unnamed megalonychid ground sloth, cougars (Puma concolor),...