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Crime and Criminality in 18th Century Virginia (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Jessica L Barry.

The definition of a criminal has always been "a person who commits a crime," but the definition of a crime has been fluid through time. There are levels of severity of crimes and they all don’t carry the same weight in the justice system or in society. In Colonial Virginia, there were prisons in every county as well as a courthouse where the trials were held. This small conglomeration of buildings were at the heart of the county seat where the civil and social lives of the citizens flourished....

Williamsburg's Raleigh Tavern Revisited (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Mark Kostro.

The Raleigh Tavern stands out as both a pioneering excavation in the history of historical archaeology, and as one of Colonial Williamsburg’s earliest reconstruction projects.  First excavated in 1928, the foundations recorded at the site formed the basis of a tavern reconstruction that when completed in 1932, marked the official opening of Colonial Williamsburg to the public.  In summer 2016, Colonial Williamsburg’s archaeologists revisited the iconic tavern site with the hopes of reexamining...