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Community Archaeology and the Criminal Past: Exploring a Detroit Speakeasy (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Brenna J Moloney.

Community-engaged archaeology has played a role in reshaping the city of Detroit’s popular heritage narrative from one of decline and decay to one more rich and complex. In 2013, archaeologists from Wayne State University investigated Tommy's Bar, a rumored Prohibition-era speakeasy and haunt of the infamous Purple Gang. The project was a partnership between the University, a historic preservation non-profit, and the bar's owner. The project culminated in a theme party where archaeologists...

Crime and Criminality in 18th Century Virginia (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Jessica L Barry.

The definition of a criminal has always been "a person who commits a crime," but the definition of a crime has been fluid through time. There are levels of severity of crimes and they all don’t carry the same weight in the justice system or in society. In Colonial Virginia, there were prisons in every county as well as a courthouse where the trials were held. This small conglomeration of buildings were at the heart of the county seat where the civil and social lives of the citizens flourished....