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Intersections of Confinement: Space and Place at the Poston Japanese American Internment Camp, Arizona (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Yoon Kyung Shim.

Japanese American internment intersected with Native American sovereign space at the Poston internment camp in Arizona during WWII. This intersection was not coincidental, nor was it unnoticed by those most directly affected by it, namely internees and members of the Colorado River Indian Tribes. Internees and local residents processed their own and each other's confinements and engaged with each other in various ways during and after the war, a process which continues today at the Poston...

The Material and Symbolic Production of Insanity at the Royal Edinburgh Asylum, 1813-1900 (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Madeline Bourque Kearin.

The Royal Edinburgh Asylum was one of the leading institutions in psychiatric research and treatment in 19th-century Scotland and one of the first to institute programs of moral management. While derived from French and English models, the implementation of moral management followed a distinct trajectory at the REA and other Scottish asylums, reflecting their particular cultural and political context. My paper will examine how the material practices of 19th-century institutions emerged from...