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From Algonquians to Appomattox: The Contributions of Stephen Potter to Potomac Archeology (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only karen mudar.

Dr. Stephen Potter, National Park Service National Capital Region Regional Archeologist, will retire in 2016, after 39 years of service. During his tenure, he saw to implementation of many archeological projects, including a nine year project to identify and document archeological resources along the entire 184 mile length of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal NHP. Potter is also a noted writer. Commoners, Tribute, and Chiefs: Development of Algonquian Culture in the Potomac Valley is the first...

Lithics Revisited: An Analysis of Native American Stone Tool Technology In The Middle Chesapeake (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Mary Kate Mansius.

Historical archaeologists often point to the arrival of Europeans in the 17th century as a catalyst for change in aspects of indigenous lifeways.  This is especially true concerning lithic technology, when the metanarrative often describes Native Americans quickly swapping their stone tools for the "superior" metal tools of Europeans.  Recent studies, such as Carly Harmon’s paper, Analyzing Native American Lithic Material Culture from 1600 to 1700 (2012), have challenged such thinking;...