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Bed, Breakfast, and Alcohol: An examination of the Pend d’Oreille Hotel in Sandpoint, Idaho (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Molly E Swords.

Hotels are often overlooked when studying the settlement of the American Frontier, although they played a pivotal role in shaping the West.  Frequently doubling as restaurants and taverns for locals and visitors alike hotels were established to accommodate the numerous settlers, travelers, salesmen and others who headed the call "Go West!" One such hotel, the Pend d’Oreille, in Sandpoint, Idaho is an example of an early nineteenth century hotel that offered accommodations, entertainment, food,...

Boca, California- House On The Hill Project: Results of 2016 Field Survey (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Leo A. Demski.

During 2016, fieldwork was carried out in the California Sierra Nevada Mountains at Boca, a late 19th century company town that provided lumber for the construction of the Southern Pacific Railroad and the Comstock mine. Boca was also one of the largest producers of naturally harvested ice, selling to individuals and companies, including the railroad. Use of iced railcars provided the means for the transcontinental railroad to successfully ship perishable goods long distances, giving later rise...

The Luxury Of Cold: The Natural Ice Industry In Boca, California: 1868-1927 (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Leo A. Demski.

Before the invention of refrigeration and artificial ice, naturally harvested ice was an important seasonal commodity for food storage and heat regulation.  In 1852, Boston ice was shipped to San Francisco and sold as a luxury.  Shortly thereafter, high demand led entrepreneurs to create ice companies in the Sierra Nevada Mountains along the newly-completed transcontinental railroad.  The railroad could transport ice to customers, and utilized it to ship perishable food items over long distances...

"Swinging Doors": The Allure & Artifacts of Nineteenth-Century Saloons (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Megan Victor.

         The saloon is a fixture of the oft-romanticized ‘Wild’ American West. Featured in stories, movies, and television, it hosted some of the region’s most colorful characters. While many romantic notions of the West fall apart under scrutiny, a grain of truth exists where the saloon is concerned: it was a key institution on the nineteenth-century American frontier. Like the frontier itself, the saloon came about as a result of new influences mixing with old patterns. In the eighteenth...