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Behind the Scenes of Hollywood: The Intersectionality of Gender, Whiteness, and Reproductive Health (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Jodi Barnes.

In ongoing research at Hollywood Plantation, a 19th century rural plantation in southeastern Arkansas, intersectionality, with its roots in Black feminist theory, plays two roles. It is an analytical tool for uncovering intersecting power relations, such as gender, whiteness, and reproductive health, as they emerged in the late 19th century. As patent medicines were increasingly marketed to women, medicine bottles provide a lens into rural upper class white women’s healing practices and the ways...

The Great House and the Old Plate (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Sean Devlin.

Archaeological interpretations of consumption have long recognized its role in the construction of social identities and in the furtherance of social goals. While much of the historical archaeology of Jamaica, and indeed the Caribbean more broadly, has focused on exploring the consumption choices of enslaved Africans and African descendants, similar studies of archaeologically recovered planter patterns have not received as much attention. Yet, as archaeologies of whiteness are beginning to...