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Loss of British Tanker Mirlo Revisited: New Considerations Regarding the Vessel's Loss of the North Carolina Coast during the First World War (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only John C. Bright.

On 16 August, 1918, British tanker Mirlo was lost near Wimble Shoals, off the North Carolina Outer Banks. Of the vessels 52 crew, only 10 were lost as a result of one of the most dramatic rescues in US Coast Guard history. Despite the well-known story of the rescue operation, the precise cause of the tanker’s demise remains unknown, as does the vessel’s final resting place. Review of historical documents regarding the vessel’s construction and armament provide new details which shed light on the...

Portsmouth Island Life-Saving Station, Innovative Technology Reconstructing The Past (2020)
DOCUMENT Citation Only William T Nassif.

This is a poster submission presented at the 2020 annual meeting of the Society for Historical Archaeology. Life-Saving Stations offered vital support and rescue operations for distressed mariners since the Life-Saving Service’s formal creation as an agency of the United States Treasury in 1878. After its construction in 1894, Portsmouth Island’s Life-Saving Station assisted mariners navigating the treacherous waters surrounding Cape Lookout and served as a focal point for the island’s...