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Second campaign of excavation on the Saintes Bays Wreck, Guadeloupe, FWI (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Jean-Sébastien Guibert. Marine Sadania. Noémie Tomadini. Jean-Jacques Maréchal. Franck Bigot.

In 2015 a first campaign led to the identification of the Saintes Bay’s wreck as the Anemone, a French schooner built in 1823 in Bayonne and used as a custom ship in Guadeloupe. It was lost in Saintes Bay in September 1824 during a hurricane. The second campaign focused on gaining a better understanding of the site. Test trenches were opened that looked to exposing the wreck structure to enable a more precise recording of the timbers and gain a better interpretation of shipbuilding techniques of...