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Beyond the Mansion: How the Archaeology Program at a Plantation Museum Changed so Many Lives (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Whitney Battle-Baptiste.

Between 1988 and 2009, the Hermitage Archaeology Program trained students of archaeology, anthropology, history, and education. Summer after summer, as the excavation units were laid, the wheelbarrows lined up, the shovels and trowels counted and distributed, we were always excited about what was to come. I learned about who I was as an archaeologist, as a scholar of slavery and the African Diaspora, and a Black Feminist Archaeologist. This short reflection paper is to share some thoughts and...

From Tennessee to Early New England: Larry McKee's Scholarly Reach in the Field of Africana Studies (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Tanya M Mears.

I would first like to describe my experiences at the Hermitage.  I worked closely with Larry McKee for two summers.  I will then describe how these experiences; most importantly learning about Black people enslaved by the Jacksons; inspired me to go to graduate school for Africana Studies.  Ultimately, I earned my Ph.D.  Finally, I will mention my current work; fueled by interest in the early experiences of Black people whetted at the Hermitage; and unique in the area of Africana Studies.  My...

Hermitage Archaeology, The Early Years (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Samuel D. Smith.

In 1969 the author, then a graduate student at the University of Florida, participated in the excavation of a slave cabin site on Cumberland Island, just off the Georgia coast.  This work (reported in the SHA journal for 1971) was directed by the late Charles H. Fairbanks and is generally considered one of the first two undertakings relevant to the development of what came to be know as "Plantation Archaeology."  In 1974 the author carried this experience forward to begin archaeological...