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Beyond Solutionism? Digital Data and Threatened Cultural Heritage (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Eric Kansa. Sarah Whitcher Kansa.

In his influential book "To Save Everything, Click Here" (2014), Evgeny Morozov coined the term "solutionism" to describe a utopian vision that innovation in digital technologies can solve complex social problems. Fueled by Silicon Valley wealth, digital technologies have an obvious glamor. The high-profile reconstruction of the Palmyra Arch by the Institute for Digital Archaeology exemplifies how governments, universities, corporate sponsors, and granting foundations use media attention on...

Designing and Carrying Out Digital Curation for Data Management, Research, and Data Sharing (2018)
DOCUMENT Full-Text William Doelle. Sharlot Hart. Lauren Jelinek. Teresita Majewski.

This record describes a session at the 2018 Arizona Historic Preservation Conference that provided short presentations and a discussion on the curation of digital archaeological data and current practices to carry it out. The PPT slides by McManamon introduce the topic and the panelists. Doelle used a set of PPT slides, also provided here, to illustrate examples of the past use of large amounts of digital data to examine ancient coalescent communities and other Southwest social...

US Archaeology Data Science Workshop: Report from Workshop Track D National Science Foundation US-Serbia & West Balkan Data Science Workshop (2018)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Francis McManamon. Carolyn Heitman. Timothy A. Kohler. Ben Marwick. Adam Rabinowitz.

This report summarizes the substance of the US Archaeology panel presentations and provide general comments on data science issues as they relate to archaeology and the other disciplines represented at the National Science Foundation-funded US Serbia & West Balkans Data Science Workshop. We also present suggestions regarding potential collaborative research involving US and Serbian & West Balkan archaeologists. These comments and the assessment are based on our experiences during the formal...