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Decomposing Habitat Suitability With Theory-Driven Machine-Learning (2019)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Kenneth Vernon. Peter Yaworsky. Brian Codding.

This is an abstract from the "Fifty Years of Fretwell and Lucas: Archaeological Applications of Ideal Distribution Models" session, at the 84th annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology. Archaeological applications of ideal distribution models have advanced beyond the study of straightforward settlement decisions to address a variety of important but difficult anthropological questions. To aid in these investigations, we demonstrate a method for (i) decomposing habitat...

Prearchaic Land Use in Grass Valley, NV: A Novel Statistical Implementation of Optimal Distribution Models (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Kenneth Vernon. Kate Magargal. D. Craig Young. David Zeanah. Brian Codding.

Despite decades of work, debate persists regarding the nature and extent of Prearchaic land use patterns in the North American Great Basin. While some archaeologists argue that Prearchaic hunter-gatherers favored a broad diet and, therefore, relied on a generalist land use strategy, others insist that they favored a narrow diet, thus relying instead on a specialist land use strategy. To help resolve these debates, here we ask the simple question: what environmental parameters drive variation in...