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Prioritizing Title IX in Private Cultural Resource Management (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Trinity Schlegel.

Cultural Resource Management (CRM) employs approximately 63% of archaeologists in the United States. Private consulting firms contract with federal agencies to assist in compliance with federal laws such as NHPA, NAGPRA, ARPA and AHPA, and additional state laws. As contract archaeologists, we often work extended periods within small groups in isolated areas, which lends to work environments away from support systems of family and friends. Co-workers depend on each other for safety and support in...

SAA’s Efforts to Create a More Inclusive Climate: Educating to Prevent Sexually Motivated and Other Forms of Harassment and Violence (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Diane Gifford-Gonzalez.

In 2015, the Executive of SAA discussed the need for action on its part to define SAA’s position regarding sexual harassment and violence, as well as harassment and violence based upon other real or perceived attributes of personal identity. On the one hand, the Board deemed it the moment for a brief general statement on these matters, as was the case with many professional organizations over this span of time. One the other hand, the Board believed that, as a professional organization with an...

Student Safety and Experience in Archaeology: Building a Diverse Future (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Karly Law.

When people of color pursue college educations, safety is often a priority. Colleges and their respective departments, become their home, faculty become mentors, and their fellow students become their family. An enormous amount of trust is placed in our departments and we are often left feeling alone. As graduate students and Teaching Assistant’s, we are required to receive orientation and training that address procedures within federal and institutional guidelines yet we receive no orientation...