Navajo; Diné; Pastoralism; Sheep (Other Keyword)

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Na’nilkad béé na’niltin: The Early Navajo Pastoral Landscape Project (Phase 1) – Experimental Ethnoarchaeology on the Navajo Nation (2019)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Wade Campbell.

This is an abstract from the "Nat’aah Nahane’ Bina’ji O’hoo’ah: Diné Archaeologists & Navajo Archaeology in the 21st Century" session, at the 84th annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology. The non-coerced adoption of sheep by Diné (Navajo) communities in northwest New Mexico during the 17th century and the subsequent rise of an intensely pastoral lifeway stand out as unique developments among Native societies in the American Southwest. By applying a three-phase research design...