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Advances In the Uses of portable X-Ray Fluorescence (pXRF). Laser Ablation Induced Polarization-Mass Spectrography (LAICP-MS) and Infrared Studies of Plants and Soils to Discover and Map Deeply Buried Human and Animal Remains from Conflict, Massacre and Habitation Sites. (2020)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Richard J Lundin. Claudia Brackett-Lundin.

This is a paper/report submission presented at the 2020 annual meeting of the Society for Historical Archaeology. From the early work of Eiidt (!977) on the use of Phosphorous analyses to detect the lasting chemical signatures of human remains, human and animal waste in habitation sites, the use of the new (or relatively new to Archaeology) pXRF, LAICP-MS, PIMA and other IR methods to study the concentration of phosphorus in soils and plants over suspected conflict, massacre and habitation...