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Birdman gorget (1978)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Phillip Phillips. James Brown.

This is a description and illustration of a shell gorget from Spiro. This gorget has birdman imagery in the Braden style. From Phillips and Brown 1978, Plate 147.

Cosmology in the New World
PROJECT Santa Fe Institute.

This project consists of articles written by members of Santa Fe Institute’s cosmology research group. Overall, the goal of this group is to understand the larger relationships between cosmology and society through a theoretically open-ended, comparative examination of the ancient American Southwest, Southeast, and Mesoamerica.

Life on the Margins: Eastern Oklahoma’s Arkansas Drainage between 1300 and 1500 CE (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Sheila Savage. Scott Hammerstedt. Amanda Regnier.

Beginning around 1100 CE, residents of the eastern Oklahoma Arkansas River drainage built mounds, shared elaborate mortuary rituals, and on some level participated in a maize-based agricultural system. These aspects of the broader Mississippian pattern were centered at Spiro Mounds. Beginning in 1300 CE, people began abandoning the mound sites on the margins of the Southern Plains. As climate conditions worsened in the fifteenth century, the residents of the Arkansas drainage adopted Plains...

Litter Burials from Spiro’s Great Mortuary Reconsidered (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Scott Hammerstedt. Amanda Regnier. Sheila Savage.

Artifact color has both chronological and symbolic significance at Spiroan burial sites in the Arkansas River drainage of eastern Oklahoma. In this paper, we examine litter burials from the Great Mortuary and the Brown mound at Spiro. Ethnohistoric descriptions are used to suggest color symbolism in Spiroan ritual displays. These data are compared with color usage in earlier burials at Spiro and mounds elsewhere in the drainage. We wish to determine whether the Great Mortuary was the culmination...

Recent Excavations and Current Research at Spiro Mounds (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Scott Hammerstedt. Patrick Livingood. Amanda Regnier.

Geophysical survey at Spiro provided evidence for dozens of contemporaneous structures near the well-known Craig mound. Over the last year, four of those structures were excavated by University of Oklahoma field crews. This paper will discuss the results of those excavations and discuss whether the evidence supports James A. Brown's recent interpretation of an early 15th century 'Event' at Spiro. SAA 2015 abstracts made available in tDAR courtesy of the Society for American Archaeology and...