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Macrobotanical Investigation of Sonaji, Taraco Peninsula, Bolivia (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Benjamin West. Maria Bruno.

This poster presents the results of a macrobotanical analysis from the site of Sonaji, Bolivia located on the Taraco Peninsula in the Lake Titicaca Basin of the Andes. Sonaji is a low mound built from generations of occupations through the Formative (1500BC-AD 500) and Tiwanaku (AD 500-1100) periods. We consider eleven macrobotanical samples from diverse contexts (middens, floors, pits). These data, when interpreted with ethnographic data and past paleoethnobotanical research from the region,...

Primary and secondary chiefdom emergence: a comparative view from the Titicaca Basin (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Alejandra Sejas Portillo.

The main hypothesis that explain the collapse of the Tiwanaku state, which flourished between A.D. 400 and 1250 in the Titicaca Basin, refer to the internal factional competition that destabilized it governance over the years, summed to agricultural production decline caused by draught episodes in the region. It is of great interest to compare the processes of political reconfiguration and the emergence of the post-Tiwanaku Pacajes chiefly polities with the formation of "primary" chiefdoms in...

Taraco Peninsula Site Database
DATASET Uploaded by: Matthew Bandy

Site database for the Taraco Peninsula Archaeological Survey

Taraco Pensinula Archaeological Survey
PROJECT Uploaded by: Matthew Bandy

Systematic Survey of about 98 km2 of the Taraco Peninsula in Bolivia, conducted in the late 1990s.