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Archaeological Reconnaissance at Fracción Mujular: A Small Site with Big Connections (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Mikael Fauvelle.

Located on the Pacific Coast of Chiapas, the site of Fracción Mujular is best known for three carved stela bearing Teotihuacan associated stylistic elements, first identified by Carlos Navarrete in the 1960s. The relatively modest architecture of the site, combined with evidence for long-distance connections, makes Fracción Mujular an interesting place to investigate the impact that inter-regional political and trade relationships during the Early Classic had on the lives of common people. ...

LiDAR-aided ground survey in the Puuc Hills, Yucatan, Mexico (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only William Ringle. Tomas Gallareta Negron. Dan Griffin.

A 2013 NASA LiDAR mission passed over the eastern extreme of the region being investigated by the Bolonchen Regional Archaeological Project (BRAP), in the process partially imaging the secondary site of Acambalam II/III. A substantial portion of the site was ground-checked during the summer of 2016. This paper discusses post-collection LiDAR processing and the possibilities for feature detection and landscape use revealed by ground truthing. The data also provide interesting demographic...

Non-mounded Architecture, Invisible Housemounds, and the Problem of Settlement Identification and Demographics in the Mirador Basin (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Kevin Johnston. Richard Hansen. Beatriz Balcarcel. Carlos Morales-Aguilar.

In a landscape distinguished archaeologically by elite-dominated, often massive architecture, the small and unobtrusive is easily overlooked. Since its inception as a discipline, Maya archaeology’s principal focus has been cities and the buildings that comprise them. These buildings, often of extraordinary scale, are typically represented in the archaeological record by mounds. This phenomenon of architectural "moundedness" has conditioned Mayanists’ perception of settlement as a whole. Indeed,...

Population and History in the Ancient Titicaca Basin (2001)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Uploaded by: Matthew Bandy

Matthew Bandy's doctoral dissertation, reporting the results of a settlement survey of 98 square kilometers on the Taraco Peninsula, an area of the Tiwanaku Heartland in the southern Titicaca Basin.

Settlement Systems and Land Use Strategies in the Upper Diyala/Sirwan River Valley, Kurdistan Region of Iraq (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Jesse Casana. Claudia Glatz.

This paper presents results of a regional archaeological survey in the Upper Diyala/Sirwan River valley, a study area that straddles the highland landscapes of the Zagros Mountains and lowland plains of southern Mesopotamia. Historically constituting a key communication route between these regions, the Upper Diyala offers a unique laboratory for analysis of changing subsistence strategies and interactions among and ancient communities who inhabited very different upland and lowland environments....

Taraco Peninsula Site Database
DATASET Uploaded by: Matthew Bandy

Site database for the Taraco Peninsula Archaeological Survey

Taraco Pensinula Archaeological Survey
PROJECT Uploaded by: Matthew Bandy

Systematic Survey of about 98 km2 of the Taraco Peninsula in Bolivia, conducted in the late 1990s.