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1974 Excavations at Fort Larned National Historic Site Kansas (1975)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Douglas D. Scott.

This resource contains an extensive field report of excavations carried out by the University of Colorado in twelve different localities at Ft. Larned National Historic Site during June and July, 1974. The field party of thirteen individuals was under the direction of Douglas D. Scott. Tested and excavated areas and structures are specified under an amendment to provisions of National Park Service Contract X-2000-3-0083. Following the descriptive section on the excavation is a discussion of...

Geophysical Investigaitons at Fort Larned National Historic Site, 14PA305, Pawnee County, Kansas (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Steven De Vore.

During April 2016, archeologists from the National Park Service conducted a geophysical investigation within the core and cemetery areas of the Fort Larned site.  Fort Larned served as the base of military operations against the hostile Plains Indians and for the protection of commerce along the eastern part of the Santa Fe Trail during the 1860s and 1870s.  The 2016 geophysical investigations included a magnetic survey of the core area and cemetery, as well as a ground penetrating radar survey...