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The Archaeology of Chiricahua National Park
PROJECT Uploaded by: Joshua Watts

WACC reports on survey and excavation projects within the boundaries of the Chiricahua National Park.

The Archeology of Faraway Ranch, Arizona: Prehistoric, Historic, and 20th Century (1984)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Mark F. Baumler.

From its tenuous beginning as an 1880s pioneer homestead in the Chiricahua Mountains, to its development into a thriving 20th century Arizona ranch, Faraway Ranch exemplifies the changing history of rural life on the western frontier. This report chronicles a part of that history through its material remains, as revealed by the first complete archeological survey of the now-abandoned ranch property. Intended primarily as an inventory and management tool for the National Park Service...

Buttons, Buckles, and Buffalo Soldiers: Personal Adornment and Identity at Fort Davis (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Shauna M. Mundt.

In recent years personal adornment artifacts and their relation to identity performance have gained interest among historical archaeologists. This paper analyzes personal adornment artifacts recovered from Fort Davis, Texas during FODAAP’s 2014 field season to show how Buffalo Soldiers negotiated identity within a frontier community. Fort Davis, a nineteenth century U.S. Army base located on a major frontier, was home to all of the army’s all-black regiments and an ethno-racially diverse...

The Camp at Bonita Cañon: A Buffalo Soldier Camp in Chiricahua National Monument, Arizona (1987)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Martyn D. Tagg.

This report presents the results of the CHIR 86B archeological project, whose main objective was to record and evaluate the significance of an 1885-1886 Tenth Cavalry "Buffalo Soldier" camp in Chiricahua National Monument. It states the reasons for the project, presents a summary of previous work in and near the project area, and discusses the background history of the "Buffalo Soldier" in the U.S. military and the part they played in the Geronimo Campaign in southern Arizona, including the Camp...