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Publications in Salvage Archeology, 8: The Two Teeth Site (1968)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Carlyle S. Smith. Alfred E. Johnson.

The Two Teeth Site (39BF204) is situated on the left, or northeast, bank of the Missouri River in Buffalo County, South Dakota (Fig. 1; Pl. la), about three miles west of Fort Thompson, the administrative center of the Crow Creek Indian Reservation. The site lies on a minor terrace a few feet above the heavily wooded flood plain that, prior to inundation by the Big Bend Reservoir, formed an important element in the regional ecology. The area of occupation shows negligible relief but it has a...

A Review of the River Basin Surveys, Smithsonian Institution Museum of Natural History for the Ad Hoc Advisory Committee (1968)
DOCUMENT Full-Text River Basin Surveys, Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution.

This report was prepared for the "Ad Hoc Advisory Committee" that reviewed the River Basin Surveys program of the Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution in 1968. The report includes background information about the program and suggests additional activities that the program might undertake in the future. The River Basin Surveys was organized within the Smithsonian Institution in the fall of 1945 as a unit of the Bureau of American Ethnology. Its purpose was to carry out...