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Excavations at La Lomita Pequeña: A Santa Cruz/Sacaton Phase Hamlet in the Salt River Valley (1988)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Uploaded by: Joshua Watts

This report is a result of archaeological investigations at the prehistoric Hohokam site of La Lomita Pequeña (AZ U:9:66(ASM)) by Soil Systems, Inc. (SSI), Arizona. in the city of Phoenix, The site is within the path of the East Papago Freeway, a state funded freeway system in the Phoenix being constructed by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). The site was tested, located initially by survey, was subsequently and was finally subjected to an intensive data recovery program sponsored...

Phoenix Basin Archaeology: Intersections, Pathways Through Time
PROJECT Uploaded by: Joshua Watts

The Intersections project is an electronic archive of the archaeological monographs written for archaeological projects conducted at Hohokam sites on Canal System Two and funded by the Federal and Arizona departments of transportation. The searchable electronic archive includes the contents of about 37 separate volumes reporting on the findings of 11 different archaeological projects. The Intersections project was funded by the Federal Highway Administration through the Arizona Department of...