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Archaeological Survey of the West Bank of the South Canal, McKellips Road to Gilbert Road, Mesa, Arizona (2022)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Daniel Garcia.

Salt River Project (SRP) intends to stabilize the west embankment along the South Canal between its intersections with McKellips Road and Gilbert Road, in Mesa (Figure 1). The stabilization project is a Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) mandated project and would involve vegetation removal and the placement of riprap materials along the canal embankment. The project area was previously surveyed for cultural resources (Aguila 1998; Jensen 1998), however the surveys are more than 20 years old...

Archaeological Testing of a 3.3-acre Parcel, Mesa, Arizona (2007)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Tiffany C. Clark.

The results of an archaeological testing program conducted by Desert Archaeology, Inc., within a 3.3- acre property (Parcel No. 136-08-007-H) located in Mesa, Arizona, are presented in this report. The work was prompted by discovery of a small prehistoric artifact scatter during a cultural resources survey (Clark 2006) near an area where prehistoric trash and house mounds had been recorded in the early twentieth century. The artifacts and previous record suggested the potential for buried...