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The Archeological Survey of Cape Cod National Seashore
PROJECT Francis McManamon. National Park Service. Cape Cod National Seashore.

This project contains documents, images, and data about the archaeological resources in and around the Cape Cod National Seashore on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. In particular these relate to what is known as the "outer Cape," that is, from the vicinity of Chatham, Orleans, and Eastham north to the the Provincelands. Much of the archaeological work covered here is from investigations done by or for the Cape Cod National Seashore. The historic time period, as well as ancient times are covered by...

Laying the Foundation, Ross Moffett and Cape Cod Archaeology (2008)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Francis McManamon.

Beginning in October 1978, and continuing until June 1979, I spent twenty-two days at the R.S. Peabody Foundation for Archaeology in Andover, Massachusetts, working on Ross Moffett's collections. I was doing this because the National Park Service (NPS), for who I was then the regional archeologist, was planning a park-wide archeological survey at Cape Cod National Seashore. It would be the first overall investigation of the archeological record of the park since Ross Moffett had provided a...

Notes on the Small's Swamp Shell Heap, Turo, Massachusetts, Moffett 1959 (1959)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Ross Moffett.

Small's Swamp, which provides the setting for the Indian shell heap here concerned, lies at the bottom of a kettle hole in the High Head, or Pilgrim Heights, section of Truro. Small's Swamp Indian site, which is within the limits of the newly constituted Pilgrim Spring State Park, stretches for upwards of 325 feet along the northwestern border of the swamp, the original western limit of the site being perhaps obscured by grading in the area of the house site. (Fig. 1, No.5). Throughout much of...