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Cultural Resources Management Report, 2005-2006 NYSDOT Highway Program, PIN 9002.08/BIN 1-00981-0, NY12A Over Thomas Creek, Data Recovery of the Thomas Creek Site, SUBI-1546 / NYSM#10135 (2006)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Michael Carmody. Samuel Kudrle.

Data recovery of the Thomas Creek site to mitigate the adverse impacts to cultural resources within the proposed right of way, by the replacement of BIN 1 -00981-0 NY 12A over Thomas Creek and widening of NY 12A in the Town of Chenango.The total site area for the Thomas Creek site is 600 m 2 (19 80 ft2). The Thomas Creek site is a stratified site with late Middle Woodland or very early Late Woodland cultural affiliations. Several other sites dating to these general time periods are located...

The Data Recovery Plan, The Thomas Creek Site, SUBi-1546 (NYSM #10135), PIN 9002.09.101/BIN 1-00981-0, Route 12A Over Thomas Creek, Town of Chenango, Broome County, New York (1996)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Diana Loren. Nina Versaggi.

The Thomas Creek Site (SUBi-1546, NYSM #10135) was identified in 1994 during a cultural resource management reconnaissance survey in NYSDOT Region 9 (Loren, Rafferty and Kastl 1994). Following the completion of the survey and review of the findings by the New York State Museum (NYSM) and NYSDOT, a site examination was performed. In 1995 the Thomas Creek Site was declared eligible for the National Register of Historic Places and a Data Recovery was requested by the NYS Office of Parks, Recreation...

PIN 9002.09
PROJECT New York State Department of Transportation.

This project contains archaeological reports generated as the result of PIN 9002.09, including a cultural resource management survey that includes both paragraph 3 reconnaissance and paragraph 4 site examination in the PIN 900.09/BIN 1-00981-0 project area in Broome County, New York, as well as a Data Recovery Plan for the Thomas Creek Site (SUBi-1546/NYSM #10135). Paragraph 4 examinations were performed on the Thomas Creek Site, which was found have artifacts diagnostic of Middle and Late...