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Cultural Resource Management Survey, 1998-1999 Highway Program, PIN 5002.07.121, Addendum, NY State Route 18F, Lower River Road, Towns of Lewiston and Porter, Niagara County, (MCDs 06303 and 06308) (1998)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Richard A. Kastl. Jessie Ravage.

This addendum to the PIN 5002.07.121 added areas in the Towns of Lewiston and Porter, Niagara county. One purpose of this addendum was to determine the boundaries of the Lindesay Site, and to determine if the Data Recovery Plan would need to be modified accordingly. This project report examines additional historical properties not surveyed in the survey carried out during the initial survey of Lower River Road (NY 18F) between the villages of Lewiston and Youngstown in 1996. There are 65...

PIN 5002.07
PROJECT New York State Department of Transportation. Federal Highway Administration.

This project contains archaeological reports generated as the result of PIN 5002.07.121. 1996 investigations including archaeological and architectural survey in advance of plans for proposed improvements to New York State Route 18F, and the addition of a pedestrian walkway. Records search indicated the presence of 18 prehistoric sites within 2 miles of the project area, and no structures located on properties falling within the project area had been inventoried, or were listed on the State...