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Bray (Battle Hill) Site
PROJECT Dean Snow.

The Bray (Battle Hill) site is associated with The Lake George Project. The Bray Site (ALB 143) is located on the lower slopes of Battle Hill. The site is a prehistoric cultural resource and was discovered by Edward Krause. The excavations here took place from July 9th until 1st of August 1979. The site was named after the landowner who was Dana S. Bray. Out of the 243 sites that were given a provisional site number with the ALB prefix only 54 sites that were tested and produced artifacts...

Bray Catalog (1979)
DATASET Dean Snow.

This is the catalog from the site Bray (Battle Hill) excavations of 1979.

Bray Catalog Guide (2008)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Dean Snow. Michael Bender.

This file contains the Bray Catalog Guide from the 1979 excavations. The catalog guide was written by Dean R. Snow and Michael M. Bender.

Bray Color Transparencies (1979)
IMAGE Dean Snow.

This are color transparencies taken at the excavations of the Bray Site. These photos show one of the survey quads that was identified through a stratified random selection process.

Bray Field Map (1979)
IMAGE Dean Snow.

This is an drawing of the Bray field map for the excavations of 1979.

Bray Field notes and Excavation Level Records (1979)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Dean Snow.

This contains 2 files. The Bray field notes and the excavation level records for the site of Bray (Battle Hill) excavations of 1979.

Bray Photo Negatives (1979)
IMAGE Dean Snow.

These are photo negatives taken at the site Bray (Battle Hill)

Bray Satellite Images (1979)
IMAGE Dean Snow.

This file contains 2 Google Earth images and a map of the site of Bray (Battle Hill).

Bray Site Photos (1979)
IMAGE Dean Snow.

These files contain photos from the Bray (Battle Hill) Site excavations of 1979.