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Foote Site
PROJECT Dean Snow.

The Metawee District lists this site as being owning by Foote, Mitchinson, & Crachi in 1979 when excavations occurred. The Foote site is located close to water, near an oxbow lake, and thus has river characteristics an steep banks due to the oxbow. The SE corner of the site was surveyed in a systematic fashion and the remaining quadrants were sampled with shovel test pits. The site produced 47 cataloged objects and provided evidence that prehistoric woodland groups were utilizing the woodland...

Foote Site Catalog (1979)
DATASET Dean Snow.

An excel file documenting the artifacts found at the Foote Site during the Lake George regional survey project.

Foote Site Documents (1979)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Dean Snow.

Foote Site Catalog Guide and Foote Site Excavation Level Records.

Foote Site Field Map (1979)
IMAGE Dean Snow.

Hand-drawn map of the Foote Site.