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Dolores Archaeological Program Technical Reports, DAP-008: Preliminary Report on Excavations at McPhee Pueblo (Site 5MT4475) (1980)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Joel M. Brisbin.

Site 5MT4475 is a multi-component Anasazi village site, that perhaps served as the nucleus and/or socio-religious center for the McPhee community. The site is located approximately 5 miles northwest of Dolores, Colorado, very near County Road X. The initial investigation discovered a horseshoe-shaped pueblo built and occupied during the McPhee Phase dating from AD 850 to AD 950. Periods of abandonment and reoccupation are manifested during this time period. Three subterranean pitstructures, one...

Dolores Archaeological Program Technical Reports, DAP-012: Archaeomagnetic Sampling Program (1982)
DOCUMENT Full-Text J. Holly Hathaway.

An archaeomagnetic sampling program was executed by Dolores Archaeological Program personnel during the 1978 field season. Currently, project investigators view archaeomagnetic analysis as a primary dating method and as an important complement to dendrochronology. During 1978, University of Colorado field crew members collected 37 archaeomagnetic samples from 6 prehistoric sites. The expected dates for the samples range from A.D. 680 to A.D. 1130; this is well within the extremes for accurate...