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Gisela Mound Arizona Site Steward File (2000)
DOCUMENT Full-Text John Kevin.

This is an Arizona Site Steward File for the Gisela Mound site, comprised of a platform mound and pueblo, located on Tonto National Forest land. The file consists of a basic data sheet and site map.

Tonto National Forest Cultural Resources Assessment Management Plan and Overview (1989)
DOCUMENT Full-Text J. Scott Wood. Michael A. Sullivan. Linda B. Kelley. Steve Germick.

This document contains the management direction for the cultural resources of the Tonto National Forest during the planning period FY89 through FY92. The objectives of this assessment are to provide a framework for active cultural resources management on the Forest, to schedule specific management activities, and to update, refine, and implement the cultural resources elements of the Forest Land Management Plan. The assessment summarizes the current status and management of the Forest's...