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Archaeological Clearance Investigations: Archaeological Investigations of AZ U:11:23, A Special Purpose Site Along Queen Creek, Arizona (1978)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Dave Batcho. Glen Rice.

AZ U:11:23 is a small sherd and lithic scatter within the right-of-way of a 500 kV power transmission line planned by the Salt River Project. The right-of-way extends from the boundary of the Tonto National Forest northeast of Florence to the existing Kyrene substation south of Tempe, Arizona and was reported by Antieau (1977). This site was initially located during that survey and listed as Field Numher 128. Since the locus was on land belonging to the Bureau of Land Management, it was not...

Archaeological Monitoring of the Construction at a Section of the Coronado Transmission System, Silverking to Kyrene (OCRM-78-173) (1978)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Glen E. Rice. Bruce Larson.

The Salt River Project, at the request of the Bureau of Land Management, contracted with the Office of Cultural Resource Management, Department of Anthropology, Arizona State University, for archaeological monitoring of the construction of access roads and 3 towers which form part of the 500 kV transmission line being constructed by SRP from the Tonto National Forest boundary northeast of Florence to the existing Kyrene substation south of Tempe, Arizona. The monitoring was requested by the...

A Work Plan for Further Investigations of Archaeological Sites Along the 500kV Tonto National Forest Boundary to Kyrene Transmission Line Route, Coronado Station Project, Pinal and Maricopa Counties, Arizona (1977)
DOCUMENT Full-Text John M. Antieau.

An intensive survey of approximately 67 km (42 mi) of transmission line right-of-way between Kyrene and the Tonto National Forest boundary was completed by a 3-man crew in 15 days. A total of 144 field numbers were assigned to cultural materials encountered, ranging from a single flake or sherd to a large site or component thereof. Material recovered is summarized in Table 1, and locations are plotted on accompanying aerial photos. Isolated artifacts and small scatters were collected; samples (1...