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Archaeological Investigations, Salt River Project, Coronado Generating Station Project, State, Federal and Private Lands, Apache County, Arizona: Archaeological Data for Coronado Generating Station Plant Site, Access Road, Ash Disposal, Wellfields, and Pipeline for Federal Environmental Impact Statement (1975)
DOCUMENT Full-Text James E. Bradford.

Acting as an archaeological consultant under contract with Salt River Project, the Museum of Northern Arizona, Department of Anthropology, has prepared and submitted this report as part of the total input to the Federal Environmental Statement for the Coronado Generating Station Project. Information contained in this report is based primarily on Museum investigations conducted in 1974-75 during various phases of the Coronado Generating Station Project while under contract with both the Bechtel...

Archaeological Investigations: Salt River Project, Coronado Generating Station, Concho Wellfield, Private Lands, Apache County, Arizona: Final Report for Concho Wellfield C7 Collector Pipeline Survey, Preferred and Alternate Alignments (1977)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Donald R. Keller.

Two alternate alignments for the Salt River Project Coronado Generating Station Concho wellfield C7 collector pipeline were surveyed for archaeological resources by the Museum of Northern Arizona in September, 1976. One previously unrecorded archaeological site was discovered. A project description, a site description, and archaeological clearance recommendations are given.