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The Coronado Project: Anasazi Settlements Overlooking the Puerco Valley, Arizona, Volume 3 (1993)
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The three volumes of The Coronado Project present a wealth of information on the archaeology of the Puerco Valley of east-central Arizona. The Coronado Project provided a rare opportunity to revisit and further explore previously investigated sites, thus generating modifications to some previous interpretations and perceptions. In Volume 3, a synthesis of the project data, project authors examine architecture and chronology, review ceramics in a regional context, and assess settlement data....

The Structure and Organization of Basketmaker III Field Houses at the Cottonwood Seep Site (1993)
DOCUMENT Full-Text David H. Greenwald.

Early settlement of the Cottonwood Seep Site consisted of small, informal pit structures and large jacal surface structures that were used on a seasonal basis for a period from approximately A.D. 500 until about A.D. 800. This paper examines the structure and organization of the Basketmaker III settlement, focusing on group organization, site function, resource availability, and environmental considerations. Unlike many of the surrounding Basketmaker III field house sites, the Cottonwood Seep...