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Report of 2011 research at the Ceren site, El Salvador
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The 2011 research at Ceren, El Salvador, focused on agriculture about 100 m south of the village architecture, and encountered surprising variation in maize and manioc cultivation. The serendipitous discovery of a Sacbe (ancient Maya roadway) was surprising and intriguing, as it is much wider and more formal than needed for purely practical-economic purposes.

A Variety of Cerendipitous Discoveries (2015)
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Research at the Ceren village archaeological site in 2013 and 2014 has made a variety of discoveries. The plant casts, made by pouring dental plaster into the voids, reveal much about agriculture in the middle of the rainy season some 1400 years ago. The maize plants were doubled over to dry the mature ears, but the Loma Caldera eruption occurred just before planting squash and beans. So what was that single mature squash plant doing in the milpa? What are the limits of preservation of weeds,...