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Archeological Reconnaissance of Historic Sites in the Fort Randall Reservoir Area: a Preliminary Report (1950)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Thomas Garth.

From July 19 to November 3 in 1930 a survey and excavation program was carried on to locate and if possible determine the physical appearance of historic sites which will shortly be flooded in the Fort Randall Reservoir area. An important feature of the program was to photograph the ruins and gather representative artifacts from each, to be placed in museums to help portray the site’s history. The work was carried on for the National Park Service by the Smithsonian Institution as part of the...

River Basin Surveys Papers, No. 16: Historic Sites Archeology in the Fort Randall Reservoir South Dakota (1960)
DOCUMENT Full-Text John E. Mills.

This report is a summary of the field activities concerning historic sites archeology in the Fort Randall Reservoir, S.Dak., undertaken in years 1947-52. It is not offered as a final work but is essentially a summary progress report of reconnaissance and excavation of several historic sites in this area. The work has been conducted as a part of the Inter-Agency Archeological and Paleontological Salvage Program under the direction of Dr. Frank H. H. Roberts, Jr., Bureau of American Ethnology,...

River Basin Surveys Papers: Inter-Agency Archaeological Salvage Program, No. 15-20 (1960)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Merrill J. Mattes. John E. Mills. Carl F. Miller. G. Hubert Smith. Robert L. Stephenson. Carlyle S. Smith. Alan R. Woolworth. W. Raymond Wood.

In the present volume of River Basin Surveys papers there are six reports pertaining to a phase of the Inter-Agency Archaeological Salvage Program which thus far has not been given as much publicity as some of the other activities. The articles deal with a series of historic sites investigations which were carried. on in the Fort Randall and Garrison Reservoir areas and in the spillway area below the Oshe Dam. The field investigations were based on extensive documentary studies which were made...