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Archaeological Investigations, Salt River Project, Coronado Generating Station Coal Haul Railroad, Federal, State, and Private Lands, Apache County, Arizona: Preliminary Report for Intensive Survey of the Proposed Coronado Generating Station Coal Haul Railroad (1976)
DOCUMENT Full-Text J. James Trott. Gale McPherson.

At the request of the Salt River Project, the Museum of Northern Arizona has conducted an intensive survey of the proposed Coronado Generating Station Coal Haul Railroad right-of-way. A total of 55 sites was recorded by the survey, 47 of them located at least partly within the right-of-way. Recommendations concerning each of these sites have been prepared. A cost estimate for additional archaeological investigations, which are recommended in the event of direct impact from the proposed railroad...

The Coronado Project Archaeological Investigations: Studies Along the Coal Haul Railroad Corridor (1986)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Sara T. Stebbins. Dana Hartman. Steven G. Dosh.

The results of investigations at 47 archaeological sites along the Coronado railroad corridor from St. Johns, Arizona, to Navajo, Arizona, are presented. Of the 47 sites, 14 were surface collected and recorded, 9 were tested, and 24 were excavated as fully as possible given the constraints of the impact corridor. Data contributing to the study of the Anasazi-Mogollon (Cibola) culture area are discussed in chapters on environment, architecture, ground stone, shell, and human skeletal remains. An...

Salt River Project, Archaeological Clearance Investigation: Coronado Generating Station, Coal Haul Railroad Wye and Repair Workshop, Private Land, Apache County, Arizona: Final Report for Archaeological Clearance Survey for the Coal Haul Wye and Repair Workshop (1977)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Bill J. Gossett.

On December 17-18, 1976, at the request of the Salt River Project, the Museum of Northern Arizona conducted an archaeological survey of the proposed Coal Haul Railroad Wye and an area selected as a Repair and Welding Workshop, both areas on private land. The area was surveyed from west to east beginning at surveyors stake No. 1, to a point 150 meters east and parallel to the railroad right-of-way base line. The area chosen as a repair and welding workshop includes an 800 ft. x 3000 ft. tract of...