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Archeological Investigations Conducted in Support of the Fort Smith Barracks/Courthouse/Jail Rehabilitation (2000)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Douglas D. Scott. William J. Hunt, Jr..

Archeological investigations were conducted at Fort Smith National Historic Site as part of mitigation measures for site development. Excavations were undertaken around the exterior of the courthouse/jail complex and in the vicinity of the guardhouse site. The guardhouse site was found to have been destroyed by later Fort Smith town-building activities. The excavations around the courthouse/jail complex recovered evidence of the original galleries and porches that once existed on either side...

The Search for Officers' Row at Fort Smith, Phase One: Physical and Documentary Evidence (1982)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Clyde D. Dollar.

This report details the cultural and construction history of military Fort Smith built in 1840 at the confluence of the Arkansas and Potaeu Rivers in the state of Arkansas. Historic background on the fort, its officer quarters, cistern, and the use of the site for Coca-Cola production in 1903. Maps, photographs, and recommendations for demolition are included in the report.