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The Bird of the Next Dawn: The husbandry, translocation and transformation of the turkey (2012)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Tyr Fothergill. University of Leicester.

This thesis follows the palaeopathological and social history of the turkey, Meleagris gallopavo, over a thousand years (AD 900- c. 1900) and illuminates the evolving nature of turkey-human relationships. Interdependent analyses of zooarchaeological data and historical documentary sources were undertaken for this project. Palaeopathological and metrical data were gathered from turkey elements excavated from archaeological sites in the American Southwest, the UK and Éire; these were used with...

Salmon Faunal Data
PROJECT Uploaded by: Kathy Roler Durand

Faunal data collected by Kathy Durand Gore from Pueblo II and III faunal remains at Salmon Pueblo.

Salmon Faunal Data for Room 100 (2012)
DATASET Kathy Roler Durand. Eastern New Mexico Univeristy.

Faunal data for Salmon Ruins Room100

Salmon Ruins Faunal Data (2004)
DATASET Kathy Roler Durand.

Faunal data from Salmon Ruin rooms 33, 36, 43, 63, 81, and 130.

Salmon Ruins Room 129 (2005)
DATASET Kathy Roler Durand.

Salmon Ruins fauna from Room 129