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2008 Kharimkotan Island Survey Field Notes (2008)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Mike Etnier.

2008 Kharimkotan Island Survey Field Notes

Cape Ankuchi Site Photographs (2008)
IMAGE Mike Etnier.

Cape Ankuchi (Fox Hole) Site Photographs

ICP-MS Data on Kuril Island Pottery from E. Gjesfjeld's 2014 PhD Thesis (2014)
DATASET Erik Gjesfjeld.

This file holds the ICP-MS data generated on 311 pottery samples (44 elements) by Erik Gjesfjeld for his Ph.D. thesis titled, "Of Pots and People: Investigating Hunter-Gatherer Pottery Production and Social Networks in the Kuril Islands". This thesis was submitted to the University of Washington on June 12th, 2014 in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Ph.D. degree. Dr. Gjesfjeld completed his degree in the University of Washington's Department of Anthropology.

KBP Archaeological and Geological Profile Correlations (2010)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Breannyn MacInnes. Natalia Slobodina.

Tephra and radiocarbon date correlations between geologic sections and archaeological profiles from all 3 years of fieldwork in the Kuril Islands during the KBP.

KBP Site Locations (2009)
DATASET Uploaded by: Natalia Slobodina

A table with site names and latitude and longitude of the archaeological sites found in the Kuril Islands during the 2006-2008 fieldwork.

KBP-Pottery: Descriptive Measurements (2014)
DATASET Erik Gjesfjeld.

Descriptive data collected from 1115 archaeological pottery fragments from the Kuril Islands, collected as part of the Kuril Biocomplexity Project under Ben Fitzhugh, direction. The pottery analysis was conducted by Erik Gjesfjeld and this table of data comes from an appendix in his Ph.D. dissertation thesis titled: "Of Pots and People: Investigating Hunter-Gatherer Pottery Production and Social Networks in the Kuril Islands" filed in partial fulfillment of the PhD degree at the University of...

Kuril Biocomplexity Project Archive (NSF 0508109)
PROJECT Ben Fitzhugh.

A broadly interdisciplinary, international team investigated the complex web of cultural, ecological, geological, and climate systems in the Kuril Islands. The Kurils provide uniquely laboratory-like conditions for this study, permitting examination of past changes in local climates and ecosystems along an island chain. The islands are situated along a latitudinal gradient extending from temperate Hokkaido Island (north of Japan) to subarctic Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia. Evidence of human...

DOCUMENT Full-Text Ben Fitzhugh.

This report documents the archaeological field results from the 2008 expedition to the Kuril Island Archipelago. This expedition was sponsored by the Sakhalin Regional Museum under the direction of Dr. Tatiana P. Roon. Dr. Valery O. Shubin of the Sakhalin Regional Museum served as expedition leader and the lead Russian archaeologist. Dr. Ben Fitzhugh is the international director of the Kuril Biocomplexity Project (KBP) and lead American archaeologist.

Kuril Island Pottery - Types and Radiocarbon Dates from E. Gjesfjeld's 2014 PhD Thesis (2014)
DATASET Erik Gjesfjeld.

This file contains the typological categories and radiocarbon dates used in Erik Gjesfjeld's analysis of pottery from the Kuril Biocomplexity Project's archaeological research on the Kuril Islands in the Northwest Pacific.

Preliminary Report on Volcanological Research of KBP 2007-08 Cruise by Japanese Volcanology group (2008)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Mitsuhiro Nakagawa. Yoshihiro Ishizuka. Takeshi Hasegawa. Akira Baba. Ayumi Kosugi.

Preliminary report on the volcanic history and tephrochronology of the Kuril Archipelago of relevance to human exposure to natural hazards in prehistory and archaeological site preservation

DOCUMENT Full-Text Vera Ponomarev.

Report on geological stratigraphy and associated data on tephra/volcanic events, paleotsunami deposits and other events of relevance to understanding geological hazards, archaeological preservation/visibility, and chronology in the Kuril Islands.

Site and excavation forms (2008 Fieldwork) (2008)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Uploaded by: Natalia Slobodina

This pdf file is a compilation of survey and excavation forms from the 2008 field season of KBP. Survey forms describe the new sites found and the testing performed. Excavation forms describe the test excavations performed at Ekarma 1 (on site forms as Ekarma 3, see 2008 report for explanation) and Rasshua 1.