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Excavations Along NM22: Agricultural Adaptation from AD 500 to 1900 in the Northern Santo Domingo Basin, Sandoval County, New Mexico. Volume 5: Analytical Studies: Fauna and Flora (2012)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Nancy Akins. Office of Archaeological Studies, MNM.

Report on the fauna and flora recovered during the Pena Blanca project.

Pena Blanca Fauna (2012)
DATASET Nancy Akins.

coded fauna data with provenience information

Pena Blanca faunal remains
PROJECT Uploaded by: Nancy Akins

Faunal data from a data recovery excavation at six sites located along NM 22 near Pena Blanca. The excavations were done by the Office of Archaeological Studies and the Office of Contract Archaeology. Sites with faunal data range from Early Developmental to Classic.