Dushnaya Bay (Site Name Keyword)

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Dushnaya 1 Site Photographs (2006)
IMAGE Mike Etnier.

Dushnaya 1 Site Photographs

Dushnaya 1 Site Photographs (Taylor) (2006)
IMAGE James Taylor.

Dushnaya 1 Site Photographs (Taylor)

KBP Archaeological and Geological Profile Correlations (2010)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Breannyn MacInnes. Natalia Slobodina.

Tephra and radiocarbon date correlations between geologic sections and archaeological profiles from all 3 years of fieldwork in the Kuril Islands during the KBP.

Kuril Biocomplexity Project Archive (NSF 0508109)
PROJECT Ben Fitzhugh.

A broadly interdisciplinary, international team investigated the complex web of cultural, ecological, geological, and climate systems in the Kuril Islands. The Kurils provide uniquely laboratory-like conditions for this study, permitting examination of past changes in local climates and ecosystems along an island chain. The islands are situated along a latitudinal gradient extending from temperate Hokkaido Island (north of Japan) to subarctic Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia. Evidence of human...