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KBP Archaeological and Geological Profile Correlations (2010)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Breannyn MacInnes. Natalia Slobodina.

Tephra and radiocarbon date correlations between geologic sections and archaeological profiles from all 3 years of fieldwork in the Kuril Islands during the KBP.

Kuril Biocomplexity Project Archive (NSF 0508109)
PROJECT Ben Fitzhugh.

A broadly interdisciplinary, international team investigated the complex web of cultural, ecological, geological, and climate systems in the Kuril Islands. The Kurils provide uniquely laboratory-like conditions for this study, permitting examination of past changes in local climates and ecosystems along an island chain. The islands are situated along a latitudinal gradient extending from temperate Hokkaido Island (north of Japan) to subarctic Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia. Evidence of human...

Ushishir Islands Map with Archaeological Sites (2006)
IMAGE Ben Fitzhugh.

Ushishir Islands Map with Archaeological Sites

Yankicha 1 Map (2006)
IMAGE Ben Fitzhugh.

Yankicha 1 Map

Yankicha 1 Site Photographs (2006)
IMAGE Ben Fitzhugh.

Yankicha 1 Site Photographs