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Exploring Iran: The Photography of Erich F. Schmidt, 1930-1940
PROJECT Uploaded by: Leigh Anne Ellison

The Penn Museum's first archaeological expedition to Iran took place in 1931, when Erich F. Schmidt excavated the Bronze Age site of Tepe Hissar near the town of Damghan and the monumental buildings of the pre-Islamic Sasanian Palace. In this part of his adventurous and courageous life, Schmidt, then a young German WWI veteran who had received his Ph.D. degree under Franz Boas at Columbia University, documented the project with nearly 2,600 culturally significant photos—many under far from...

Exploring Iran: The Photography of Erich F. Schmidt, 1930-1940, Supplementary Material (2007)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Ayse Gürsan-Salzmann.

This cd-rom includes additional images to those printed in the book—from the Archives of the University Museum, to reveal a more expansive panorama of the people and places Schmidt and his teams visited, and images (Figures 81-88) kindly shared by Erika Schmidt, Erich Schmidt’s daughter, to provide a glimpse of Schmidt in his family surroundings during his post-field era. The captions give general information about the photographs, taken directly from the card files in the Museum’s Archives,...