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Appraisal of the Archeological Resources of Coralville Reservoir, Iowa River, Iowa (1949)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Richard P. Wheeler.

The preliminary investigation of the archeological resources of the Coralville Reservoir was made by the River Basin Surveys, Smithsonian Institution, between January 24 and February 3, 1949, The District Engineer’s Office, Corps of Engineers, at Rock Island, Illinois 3 furnished maps and provided 4 days transportation. Some time was spent in consultation with local residents, and with Dr. C. R. Keyes, Director of the Archeological Survey of Iowa, at Mount, Vernon, Iowa. The survey was made in...

River Basin Surveys Papers, No. 22: Archeological Investigations in the Coralville Reservoir, Iowa (1961)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Warren W. Caldwell.

During the winter of 1949, a preliminary reconnaissance of the south-central portion of the Iowa River valley was carried out by the River Basin Surveys, Smithsonian Institution, in an effort to determine the archeological potential of the area to be submerged by the waters of the then projected Coralville Reservoir. Temporal considerations prevented an intensive investigation of the region; however, the recovered data (Wheeler, 1949) made it obvious that further, more thorough work, was...