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Aspects of Land Tenure in an Ancient Southwestern Farming Society in the Mimbres Valley, New Mexico (2003)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Robert Stokes.

This dissertation research focuses on the development of new communities in areas outside of the main Mimbres River Valley during the Classic period, ca. 1000-1150. Based on a review of ethnohistoric farming societies living in marginal areas, a model was developed for understanding when and under what conditions landless groups of people form in established communities and the decisions they then make for survival, including moving into empty, but marginal, agricultural zones and establishing...

Mimbres Periphery Study
PROJECT Robert Stokes.

The Mimbres Periphery Study focuses on Mimbres Mogollon adaptations and settlement in areas outside of the main Mimbres River Valley in Southwestern New Mexico. It was initiated by Robert J. Stokes in 1995 as a Ph.D. graduate student at the University of Oklahoma, and includes survey and excavation projects.