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Environment and Subsistence of Chaco Canyon, New Mexico (1985)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Frances Joan Mathien.

This paper is conceived as a summary and review of recent paleoenvironmental research in Chaco. While the orientation is toward reviewing information of potential significance in modelling past human adaptations, discussion of archeological evidence of past adapt ions is minimal. The focus is on characterizing the general climatic and environmental framework, which confronted human populations at different times in the past, and on suggesting revisions of previous interpretations where...

Excavations At 29SJ627, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico: Volume II. The Artifact Analyses (1992)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Frances Joan Mathien.

The excavation and analyses of material culture remains from site 29SJ627 provide a wealth of data upon which to base interpretations of life in a small site in Chaco Canyon, especially during the A.D. 800s through mid A.D. 1100s. The 7,401 field specimen numbers assigned to the artifacts and samples only hint at this unusual volume of material. These data were recovered from all areas of the site (Figure 1.1) and represent several construction and use periods. Because of the size of the site...

Small Site Architecture of Chaco Canyon, New Mexico (1986)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Peter J. McKenna. Marcia L. Truell.

Chaco Canyon was made a national park to preserve and protect its spectacularly large ruins. There are about a dozen large sites in the central park area--" about a dozen," because there is considerable disagreement about the line separating the named tourist attractions ("towns") from the thousand or more smaller, largely anonymous Anasazi ruins ("small sites") that are also part of Chaco's archaeology. Some sites with names and interpretive trails are actually not that large; some of the...