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Excavations at 29SJ633: the Eleventh Hour Site, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico (1991)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Peter J. McKenna. H. Wolcott Toll. Catherine M. Cameron. William B. Gillespie. Judith Miles.

Chaco Canyon, located in the approximate center of the San Juan Basin of northwestern New Mexico (Figure 1.1), has been the focus of archeological research for nearly a century. Many large and small sites have been investigated. Figure 1.2 indicates the location of sane of the large sites within and just outside Chaco Culture National Historical Park. Research carried out by the Chaco Project focused on the development of the Chaco Anasazi from the earliest appearance of nan through the...

Small Site Architecture of Chaco Canyon, New Mexico (1986)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Peter J. McKenna. Marcia L. Truell.

Chaco Canyon was made a national park to preserve and protect its spectacularly large ruins. There are about a dozen large sites in the central park area--" about a dozen," because there is considerable disagreement about the line separating the named tourist attractions ("towns") from the thousand or more smaller, largely anonymous Anasazi ruins ("small sites") that are also part of Chaco's archaeology. Some sites with names and interpretive trails are actually not that large; some of the...